Academics That Matter

August 18, 2013|Categories: Academics|

At R.I.S.D. we are focused on building a curriculum that's relevant to today's world. Our classes are taught by professors with experience in the field, and incorporate today's technology so that our students are prepared to compete in the workplaces and backyards of today.

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R.I.S.D. Ballet

November 8, 2016|Categories: Academics|

The R.I.S.D. Nevada Ballet is committed to fostering the future of ballet by building the next generation of dancers and audiences. We prepare young dancers to follow their passions and achieve their highest potential in an environment that is challenging, disciplined and rigorous, while at the same time safe, healthy and nurturing. Our faculty include former professional [...]

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R.I.S.D. Accredited Dental School

August 19, 2013|Categories: Programs|

R.I.S.D. prides itself on its professional schools.  Tremendous job opportunities await small dogs interested in the healing professions, committed to keeping everyone healthy.  A key part of this education involves paws-on training with live patients supervised by leading doctors in the field.

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R.I.S.D. Pack Basketball

August 21, 2013|Categories: Sports|

The R.I.S.D. pack stresses good fundamentals in passing and hitting those 3 pointers. It's a challenge, however, when your team's average height is two and a half feet less than the league average. Still, stellar performances by Sophmore Reina Lohle (pictured) with her amazing hang time allowed the pack to eek out a victory over Shellville's fighting [...]

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Marine Biology Program

September 2, 2013|Categories: Biology|

The R.I.S.D. Marine Biology program is conducted in cooperation with our partners by the Bay, The San Francisco Pacific Canine Academy (SPCA).  Our students will have the Pacific Ocean as their laboratory as leading experts in the field teach them about the marine ecosystem.  Advance Dolphin Phonetics is also available.

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