R.I.S.D. Fashion

September 9, 2013|Categories: Art|

The R.I.S.D. Fashion School faculty brings industry experience and European perspective to our students. These mentors impart the technical and design expertise needed so R.I.S.D graduates can compete in the fashion world without sacrificing individual style. Senior Bella Hauser models a red cocoon of her own design. It's a hand-stitched, fully lined jacket with reinforced collar and [...]

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Musical Education

September 2, 2013|Categories: Music|

Here at R.I.S.D. we believe in a fully rounded liberal arts education. Culture matters, and music is fundamental. Students take courses taught by the leaders of the Reno Philharmonic. In addition we stage an annual cabaret as part of the R.I.S.D. Formal Ball. Senior Bella Hauser is shown here performing Franz Schubert's "Moment Musical for Piano in [...]

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Seasonal Fun

September 2, 2013|Categories: After School|

Reno is in the HIGH desert - 5000 feet up - so winter means snow!  Students at R.I.S.D have access to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country as well as more traditional fun.

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R.I.S.D. Fine Arts

August 27, 2013|Categories: Art|

The R.I.S.D. school of Fine Arts adheres to the Fhundstücke movement, championed by artist Mariella Schulz from the Franco-German border region. This movement is a uniquely canine slant on the funk-assemblage found object sculpture tradition.  Another key influence of the Fine Arts faculty is Jack DeVore's Elastic Symbolism school of sculpture in Oregon.

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R.I.S.D. Flight School

September 9, 2013|Categories: Programs|

R.I.S.D partners with the famous Reno Air Show and Balloon Race events to offer our students training and the necessary hours in the air to become certified pilots and FAA Integrated Airmen. Here, R.I.S.D. Junior and intrepid pilot Chewy Bacha checks his equipment in preparation for take off in the R.I.S.D. balloon for Reno's Great Balloon Race

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Campus Life

September 9, 2013|Categories: Recreation|

Seniors Laika Neumann and Bella Hauser take some time out to whistle at boys and sunbathe on the campus green. Bella is wearing a cashmere jacket she designed herself at R.I.S.D. while Laika models a sporty choker by Swatch.

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