R.I.S.D. Shakespeare Troup

September 2, 2013|Categories: Programs|

Theater is an integral part of a full liberal arts education. The R.I.S.D. Shakespeare Troup prides itself on putting on world class productions every year. Here, Senior Laika Neumann delivers a brilliant performance as the fretful and paranoid Lady MacBeth.

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R.I.S.D. Pack Soccer

August 10, 2013|Categories: Sports|

The R.I.S.D. soccer team is known for razor sharp turns and accurate passing.  The "Pack" routinely finishes at the top of the league.  Here Juniors Chewy Bacha & Willoughby Walker race by Shellville defenders.

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Wildlife Management

November 8, 2016|Categories: Academics|

A bachelor's degree in Wildlife Management program typically covers a range of science material, including animal science, wildlife biology, agronomy (study of plants), wildlife ecology and habitat management, genetics, field botany, vertebrate anatomy, aerial photography, forest soils and watersheds. The complexities of a career in wildlife management, such as environmental conditions, species, natural habitats, tools and behaviors, [...]

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Semester Abroad

September 2, 2013|Categories: Programs|

R.I.S.D. was founded by Europeans and connecting cultures is a guiding principle here.  Laika Neumann, a foreign exchange student from Karlsruhe, Germany, proudly wears her native dress for the annual R.I.S.D. Papolooza Party.

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R.I.S.D. Ride Along Program

September 2, 2013|Categories: Programs|

R.I.S.D. supports those who answer the call to serve.  Do you have what it takes to join the elite K-9 ranks that keep Nevada safe?  R.I.S.D. students have the added advantage of being able to go where German Shepherds can't.  The law enforcement profession offers great benefits including grass-fed beef rations.

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